Inventors Digest:

In the year 2030, our clothes will have tiny embedded solar discs to power portable devices..
Our dogs will wear collars with voice synthesizers that translate canine desires into human speech. read full review »

The Daily Galaxy:

Based on all real science and technology research and development, plus sociological forecasts from experts, 2030 provides a really fun, easy-reading way for kids to explore the world they may well inhabit as adults... read full review »


For any librarian who’s been stumped by a child’s request for a book about the future, “not science
fiction– the real future,” this nonfiction picture book comes riding to the rescue, at least for a couple decade... With jacket art that’s sure to draw readers, this book will easily find its audience.
— Carolyn Phelan , Booklist


This peek into the future comes to read more like a cautionary tale than a revel in the phantasmagoria down the road... read full review »

Library Journal

A talking dog, a housecleaning robot, and a three-dimensional “data orb” are among the many cool features that kids might enjoy in the future, according to this lighthearted look at 2030... read full review »

The Public Library of Cincinnati
and Hamilton County

Imagine life in the year 2030 with all the cool gadgets that creativity and technology can provide...
read full review »

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