A Day in the Life of Tomorrow’s Kids

Author: Amy Zuckerman and James Daly
Illustrator: John Manders

Amy Zuckerman is an award-winning business writer who specializes in technology and social trends.  She lives in Amherst, Massachusetts with her daughter Julia Biederman, partner Lew Rudolph and Mr. Toad.
James Daly is the Editorial Director of GreatSchools. He lives in Alameda, CA, with his wife Laura, three children (Samantha, Jackson, and Charlotte) and various creatures, both real and imagined.
John Manders has illustrated many books for children, including Prancing, Dancing Lily by Marsha Arnold.Visit him at www.johnmanders.com.  John lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.



Photo Steve Morse

Amy Zuckerman

Amy Zuckerman never thought she’d be an expert in technology trends, let alone a futurist, but as a veteran journalist and author she knows all about tracking society’s trends. As technology advancements started to shape how all work and play, she took notice and wrote a book called TECH TRENDING (Capstone 2001).

And, as her daughter Julia started working on computers, and then started acquiring every mobile device known to kids, Amy thought it would be fun to write about the world of technology, the environment and society of the future. This desire to write for Julia led her to Dutton and “2030.”

Jim Daly is another veteran journalist and editor who knows a great deal about technology and business. In fact, he founded a well-known magazine "Business 2.0" that tracks high tech as it applies to business. From there, he joined filmmaker George Lucas and his educational foundation as editor, and later editorial director, of "Edutopia," where he wrote a great deal about technology as it relates to the improvement of K-12 public schools. Currently, he is the Editorial Director of GreatSchools.

Jim’s also a dad and loves to read to his three children. So when Amy asked him to co-author “2030” and bring with him his tech knowledge, he was right there.

Both Amy and Jim have written thousands of articles between them and many a book, but this is their first collaboration and first children’s book. The first of many, they hope.

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