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For kids, a greener forecast for 2030 - Miami,FL,USA
The Orange County Register

A talking dog awakens you; you take rides on clean-burning, automated cars and magnetic skateboards; you go home to an "ecovillage."

It's all in a day in "2030: A Day in the Life of Tomorrow's Kids," a new book that pays a visit to an ecologically minded future, where the ultimate dreams of green living all have come true.

The ecovillages, for instance, recycle all waste, and rely on wind and solar power.

The book, written by Amy Zuckerman and James Daly, and illustrated by John Manders, follows the kids of 2030 through a typical school day that includes a holographic Egypt and a virtual gym.

The book is available from Dutton's Children's Books, sells for $16.99 and hits bookstores this month.

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