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2030: A Day in the Life of Tomorrow's Kids

"Kids will love this book. It's a fun look at the exciting world that is heading their way."
—George Lucas, filmmaker and creator of Star Wars.

Based on all real science and technology research and development, plus sociological forecasts from experts, 2030 provides a really fun, easy-reading way for kids to explore the world they may well inhabit as adults. This is a world where people are good stewards of the earth. They live in ecovillages, recycle all their waste, utilize wind and solar power and drive eco-friendly automated vehicles.

Written by award-winning business writer and author, Amy Zuckerman, and James Daly, Editorial Director of GreatSchools, 2030 is full of whimsical and detailed illustrations by John Manders that follow kids through an average school day. From the morning wake up by a “talking” dog named Willy to interactive appliances, a holographic tour of Egypt in class, virtual gym activities, a ride in an automated car, magnetized skateboards and a visit with dinosaurs at the eco-village’s Fanta-Trek Center, kids will be enthralled with this clean, green and tech-friendly view of the future.

Explains Zuckerman, “In 2001, the editor and publisher of Dutton/Penguin Young Readers approached me to write a book about the real science, technology and sociology of the future for young children. They presented the challenge of placing all this information in the context of a child's average school day. This proved challenging for me and my co-author Jim Daly as we had to come up with technology that our editor, Steve Meltzer described as having a 'Wow factor.' It couldn't be sci-fi and could not be something kids would find on the market right now.”

“A lot of research went into this,” added Daly. “We sketched out various scenarios and tried to make it like a day-in-the-life of a kid growing up in 2030 – get up, get out of bed, get dressed, go to the school bus or the mall.”

“In some cases like the data orb,” said Zuckerman, “We combined multiple known technologies, approached futurists and researchers about the potential for this newly combined technology to function as described, and came up with gadgets that aren't even on the drawing board. The world that emerged as I worked on this project with Jim is a fabulous view of an eco- and tech-friendly future."

Already, 2030 is winning praise from top producers and directors of futuristic films such as George Lucas, creator of Star Wars and founder of the George Lucas Educational Foundation. “Kids will love this book. It’s a fun look at the exciting world that is heading their way,” he said.

“Kids are the stewards of our future. It’s really crucial that they learn about science and technology under development that they may use one day, and also how those developments will shape their world,” added Zuckerman. They get to see that being environmentally conscious does not have to mean living a dull, dreary life. If I had my choice, I’d fast-forward to 2030 right now!”

“Being a child is going to get better and better. It’s an exciting world we’re heading into. Hang on for a wild ride,” Daly said.

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